Director Jerónimo Carreño




For the opening of the new international exhibition “Wonder Chamber, la Cámara de las Maravillas”, Aluxiik Fine Art Gallery presents a innovative program of performances curated by the specialist in artistic performance and University Professor Dr Ignacio Prado (NYU). Some of the artists participating at the exhibition will develop site specific performances related to the main topic of the relationship art, nature, alchemy and spirituality. This is the essence of the Cabinets of Curiosities or Wonder tChambers which are the origin of the modern art and natural history museums. Tulum transforms its spaces and beaches with artistic actions executed by the bodies of the artists-performers connected with their own experiences, nature and the spirits of the area, “iik” meaning the wind-air and “aluxx” the elfs sources of life in Mayan language.

Access to collection included with your Art With Me Ticket.

Pavel Mora, draftsman and painter, will develop and intricate wall drawing that refers to the geography of the Yucatan peninsula, the rivers, the mountains and the sea, as well as to the travelers maps of the collectors who create de Cabinets of Curiosities. Takes place during 5 days.

Bernardo Aja, Spanish photographer, will present on site his live photographic installation “Entremuros”, as the images move from the Gallery to the beach the audience will be part of a sensual “tableaux vivant” (living scene) that reflects a neobaroque staging of naked bodies and mirrors. ( presented at Habana Bienal and Photoespaña, Madrid). Takes place at the beach during the night, theatrical illumination required.

Enrique Rosas, international and multidisciplinary artist with exhibitions en China ( “Black Fire” Art Beijing) and Mexico (UNO, Design Week) will do the performance “Back to Source” at the beach related to his critical reflection on the Anthropocene after the pandemic and our redefined relation with the natural environment. As a vitalist ritual painting on cotton paper and mexican cochineal grana, the brushes become extensions of the artists body in motion through three stages: fertilization, surfacing and clean sand radiation. Takes place at sunset.

Esteban Fuentes de Maria, young neobaroque artist, archeologist and ornithologist-painter who lives between Puebla and Paris where his studio is the only one illuminated by candles in baroque “chiaroscuro”, being the only mexican artist present at the Louvre and the Royal Palace at age 24. His performance at daylight will express his “becoming animal“, painting in the walls of Tulum traces of the birds of the region,..and maybe a puma from the Sian Kaan nature reserve. Esteban considers his hands his most precious spiritual gift.

David Troice, mexican sculptor born in El Paso, Texas, will present his work in different locations of the city of Tulum, in Aluxiik he will present “Ah Mun” (God of corn), a geometrical sculpture with a precise installation of gold leaf cover. The baroque gold into the baroque Wonder Chamber to dazzle. Takes place different dates in different locations, hotels and restaurants ( gold like Cocoa in Olmec tradition, or as a sacred edible delicacy in Indian cultures (“varak”), the gold of the alchemist-artists of our Cabinet of Curiosities as a sacred food to ingratiate with the Pre-hispanic Gods, Ek-Chuah Mayan God of cocoa and trade.