+What is Art With Me?

Art With Me is an international arts, music and cultural festival, offering experiences across a multitude of highly creative platforms that immerse, inspire, and activate its attendees and followers. A complete experience through our six core pillars centering around art, music, culinary, culture, wellness, education and community.

Art With Me seeks to create a space where inspiration is the heartbeat of the experience. Art in all its forms has the power to inspire through impactful creative experiences — there is a moment, where human connection and the power of inspiration can create a shift in our consciousness. These slight movements in our awareness may start a new pathway to a more conscious change in our behavior.

The ethos of Art With Me is that if we make small changes in our behavior to act more mindful, we will make better decisions for ourselves and the environment. Art With Me…cultivating imagination for positive change.

The Care With Me Foundation handles all our community outreach and a portion of all sales goes to the CareWithMeFoundation.com

+What is included in a ticket?

  • Live musical performances every night.

  • Art installations and exhibits.

  • Workshops and interactive experiences designed for all ages.

  • Hosted content sessions with world class speakers discussing conservation and sustainability.

  • Wellness practices, workshops, and Mayan cultural experiences.

  • donation to the Care With Me Foundation

+Where can I buy tickets?

Online or at box office. 

+Where are the box offices located?

TBA, prior to each event, the email address you registered to buy your tickets, will receive an email of things you should know at least one week prior to the event. We always have box offices on site and to alleviate waits we strategically place other pick up locations.

+What do I need to check-in?

The Box Office (located at Ahau Resort) will be open:
Tuesday November 10 // 12 PM – 6 PM
Wednesday November 11 // 9 AM – 10 PM
Thursday November 12 // 9 AM – 11 PM
Friday November 13 // 9 AM – 11 PM
Saturday November 14 // 9 AM -11 PM
Sunday November 15 // 9 AM – 10 PM

+ Are the tickets refundable or transferable?

Tickets are non refundable but unused tickets are transferable. Wristbands are attached to users wrist at checkin. If you are transferring to another person, both people with ID must go to the box office together. If you are unable to go to the box office, contact info@artwithme.org for directions.

+ Can I buy a single day pass for the festival?

Typically, yes. Sign up to our mailing list to monitor when they become available and follow us on social media. Limited attendance events rarely have capacity left for day tickets.

+ Does Art With Me offer free programming?

Yes, please follow us on social media and sign up to our mailing list to receive information on our free programming offerings.

+ What are the recommended accommodations and hotel partners for the festival?

We will release packages and partner hotels as soon as possible. We highly recommend these for ease of access to our offerings, heightened experience, and inclusion. Follow us on social media & sign up to our mailing list to get first access. You will have the ability to upgrade an existing already purchased ticket to include the hotel packages.

+Where are your terms and conditions?

You can find it on footer or CLICK HERE

+Will the event be cashless?

Yes! This year AWM is partnering with Billfold to bring you contactless payment. You will receive an RFID wristband from the Box Office and then proceed to connect your CC to your wristband using one of the Billfold activation centers in the Box Office. 

Once your preferred payment method is connected, you’ll be able to stow away your wallet and pay for everything with the tap of your wrist! RFID payment is safe and secure. Use a four-digit pin that keeps your info tied to you so no one can use it if you lose your wristband.

+What do I need to check-in?

You’ll need the QR code from your ticket and a photo ID. Please access your QR code through logging into your TIXR account or locating it within the TIXR app. Only digital QR codes will be accepted to adhere to our COVID guidelines. More information on how to locate your ticket QR code here.

+Are pre paid dinners refundable if i do not show up?

No that is why it is prepaid. If a dinner is moved by date or time, you need to request your refund before the dinner


+COVID disclaimer

Art With Me will ask all guests to be diligent about self monitoring for COVID-19 and will be asked to sign a waiver upon arriving at the Box Office stating:
– I have self-monitored my temperature prior to arriving at Art With Me and have maintained a temperature below 99.5 F (37.5 C).
– I have not exhibited COVID-19 symptoms as described by the CDC in the last two weeks.
– I have not tested positive for COVID-19 within the last two weeks.
– I have not been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last two weeks.
– If I should begin to experience any symptoms of COVID-19 or exhibit a temperature of 99.5 F (37.5 C) or above within 14 days of leaving the concert, I will notify management and immediately seek medical help.
– If I am diagnosed with COVID-19 after arriving at the event at the concert or
within 14 days of leaving the event, I will notify management so specific steps can be made to quarantine others that may have been affected prior to that diagnosis.
All guests will be asked to wear masks when checking in at the Box Office and at all indoor spaces unless eating.

For any additional inquiries, email us: info@artwithme.org