Through the lens of the creative arts, we highlight environmental challenges and offer solutions to promote a more sustainable future, both locally and globally. The festival features over 300 different events and activities, taking place all around Tulum with art installations and unique workshops at partner hotels, sunset sessions, concerts and late night events at select locations on the beach, in town and in the jungle. 

Art With Me Pavilions feature activities for everyone including kids, an ArtBazar and much more. Expand your awareness with the Care with Me sustainability programming and enchanting art walks along the beaches and in the jungles of Tulum. We invite you to experience Tulum’s magic in a way that supports and preserves it for generations to come.

Our intention is to inspire guests, to create an opening for them to connect with themselves and become more conscious travelers. There’s enormous opportunity to plant seeds of change through the creative arts and we are doing that with interactive experiences, music, and community by celebrating creativity. Art With Me, shifts the focus from the outside, to the inward, inviting participants to consider the ways they impact their communities and encouraging a more intentional and sustainable approach.